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Liability Insurance
All Owners and Operators of Private Passenger Vehicles must be financially responsible for any damages or injuries they cause another with an automobile.

Personal Injury Protection
An optional coverage that affords coverage to all passengers riding in the vehicle with permission and pays for Medical and Funeral expenses that are Reasonable and Customary, resulting from an Auto accident.*

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
Also Optional coverage, which pays for bodily injury, or property damage sustained by you, the owner of the vehicle or passengers in your vehicle, when you are involved in an auto accident caused by another driver, who is either uninsured or underinsured. Coverage is also afforded when there is a Hit and Run Driver involved.

Physical Damage Coverage
Coverage for Damage to Your Auto – both Collision and Other than Collision, including Theft of your Vehicle. Many banks require that you carry Physical Damage coverage until your vehicle loan is repaid.
* May not be available in all states.

Your insurance contract is contained only in your policy, not in this Web site. Your insurance protection may vary from the coverage described here, depending on the standard coverage included in your policy and the optional coverage you purchase.