ATV and Golf Cart

Preparing for an outing on your ATV or a trip around the course on your golf cart? Western Insurance will keep you covered on all your outdoor expeditions.

Golf Carts once were used only as a conveyance to get you from one Tee to the Next on the Golf Course. Homeowner’s policies had (and some still do) special wording to state a coverage that only existed when the Cart was being transported from your home to the Course and back; or while on the Course itself. As with all of these kinds of conveniences, the Golf Cart has evolved into a means of transportation off the Golf Course too.

If you use your Golf Cart to ride around your neighborhood, go to the Neighborhood Center, or collect your mail, your Homeowner’s Insurance might not protect you in the event of an accident. Many Senior Communities have an abundance of riders coming and going at any point in time. Are you one of those?

Don’t worry, we can help. Many of our Insurance Companies have Specialty Programs to take care of these specific situations. Let us help you with your decision of how best to protect your Liability.

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Liability Only
Your ATV is insured just for the liability requirements afforded by your State.

Full Coverage
Adds comprehensive and collision coverage to your liability protection.

Loss Settlement
In the event of a total loss or theft, Insurance Companies pay Actual Cash Value, which includes an allowance for Depreciation of the vehicle. Partial Losses include payment for cost to repair, less depreciation for damaged parts. All loss payments would be subject to the specific deductible you have chosen when you buy your policy.

Permanently attached accessories can have a limited amount of coverage as well – amount of coverage may vary according to your choice of coverage limit.

Your insurance contract is contained only in your policy, not in this Web site. Your insurance protection may vary from the coverage described here, depending on the standard coverage included in your policy and the optional coverage you purchase.